Project: Project: Changing perceptions of NHS locum roles

Attracting the best talent to NHS Trusts

A&E Agency, a division of Acacium Group, has been providing high-calibre doctors to healthcare clients since 2008. In either locum or permanent positions, they always aim to leave a positive impact on their trusts and private hospitals. To ensure they could continue providing a consistently high level of service, A&E Agency were looking to attract new candidates to join them and take on locum roles at Barts NHS Trust.

But how do you keep attracting new candidates in a saturated talent market, when the staffing pool is already limited, and career paths are often rigid and linear? Not only were their talent attraction adverts fatiguing, there was very little to differentiate A&E Group from their competitors in the industry.

From research, it was clear that junior doctors were keen to regain control of their career and the associated freedom and flexibility that brings. Using this insight, we needed to find ways to reach the best talent in the industry, differentiate A&E Group from competitors and open candidates’ eyes to the benefits and opportunities that locum work might bring.

We delivered an eye-catching, thumb-stopping creative that helped A&E Agency make a significant impact on social media. Positioning them as the “cure” to a “career headache”, we were able to tap into the medical market using relatable humour. A suite of assets were used to drive engagement and entice the very best talent.

What was the meaningful difference?

By changing perceptions of locum roles in the NHS, we supported A&E Agency to attract top talent in order to maintain consistent and high-quality care in the St Bart’s Trust.