British Gas

Project: Project: Culture video

Building a sense of pride and collaboration among employees

British Gas Energy needed a powerful message to communicate what it means to be a part of the British Gas Energy family.

The aim was to create an emotionally engaging video that would make viewers laugh and cry tears of happiness and pride. The video needed to showcase the new British Gas Energy branding and tone of voice, while communicating their three culture pillars – ‘making energy simple’, ‘in it together’, and ‘always learning’ – underpinned by ‘setting the standard’.

To achieve these aims, we created a beautifully written original poem that evokes a sense of pride and collaboration. We used real employees to recite the lines of the poem and shot the video across the British Gas Energy offices and employees’ work from home set-ups. The result was a powerful video that captured the spirit of the British Gas Energy family, and left employees feeling proud to have been a part of it.

The video was a crucial element of the wider branding refresh and was played at the Centrica Strategy and Culture launch to introduce the British Gas Energy 2023 Ambition & Priorities. It has been shared by business leaders and has been watched by colleagues through various channels, including local townhalls, local team calls, Yammer, their intranet hub, and digital signage.

Our video has helped to establish a sense of pride and collaboration among British Gas Energy employees and has effectively communicated the company’s culture pillars and narrative. It has also showcased the new branding and tone of voice and set an aspirational standard for the company.

“The video was played to the British Gas Energy Leadership Team yesterday. They all loved it and thought it was very powerful."

Rob Barsby

Communications and Engagement Consultant British Gas