How do you grab the attention of hundreds of thousands of employees, across borders, language barriers and with wildly different roles?

This was the exact problem faced by DHL Express when launching its new ‘Smart Connect’ employee app. This platform connects employees across regions providing news, information and communication options, but as DHL Express had learned with its previous app, promotion would need to play a significant role in making it a success. To ensure employees engaged with the campaign, we needed to deliver stand out creative.

"The intranet rollout campaign that Something Big developed for DHL Express was one of the main reasons why employees started using the new channel. The extremely creative and beautifully executed visual approach, which puts animated characters of our employees in the center, makes the campaign unique and easy to adapt in all regions and for all employee types."

Head of Digital People Content, DHL Express

A portal to possibility

Our creative idea was of the phone being a doorway or portal to ‘the world of DHL’, with bright, dynamic depictions of employees interacting with messages and pages that leapt out of the phone, larger than life.

We created five illustrations and animations showing different aspects of the app, with taglines such as ‘Stay Informed’ and ‘Start Chatting’. Ultimately, these were combined into a long-form animation that could be presented with region-specific audio for broad distribution.

The campaign went on to win Platinum in the Branded Content category at the international MUSE Creative Awards 2022.

“In our region of Sub-Saharian Africa, there is a high diversity of languages and many employees solely use their smartphones to stay informed. The developed campaign by Something Big makes it easy for us to translate assets and adapt them to different devices.”

Senior Manager HR Programs, DHL Express

MUSE Creative Award


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“Something Big developed universal, highly inclusive roll-out campaign assets for DHL Express that motivated our 120,000 employees in 220 countries and territories to log into our new social intranet. This roll-out campaign reflected creativity, user-centricity, and was in itself highly adaptable to local needs.”

Global Head of People Experience, DHL Express

“The diversity, playfulness and human-centric design of the campaign design helped us a lot to run a successful rollout of the new app to the Asia-Pacific market.”

Specialist Employee Engagement & Experience, DHL Express