University of Surrey

Project: 40 Years Nursing

Celebrating the heritage of nursing and looking to the future

The University of Surrey is known for its excellent nursing education. To mark its 40th anniversary, the university wanted to celebrate its rich heritage in the nursing field while promoting nursing as a career choice. The campaign looked to attract prospective students to nursing and establish the University of Surrey as a reputable provider of nursing education. The celebration had to consider various audiences alongisde prospective students, including alumni, university staff, media outlets, and external stakeholders such as NHS trusts and hospitals.

To commemorate “40 Years of Nursing” and maintain consistency throughout the campaign, we developed a new identity. The logo serves as a celebratory stamp, avoiding a clinical aesthetic. Instead, our focus was on honoring the origins of nursing at the university and celebrating its evolution to the present day.

Nursing: past, present, and future

To celebrate the anniversary, we developed a series of videos highlighting the legacy and community that the nursing course has fostered since its establishment in 1982. These three videos, covering the past, present, and future, served as powerful tools to showcase the course to potential future nursing professionals. By highlighting the changes that have occurred in the nursing profession over the years, the “40 Years of Nursing” campaign helped spark discussions and exploration around nursing as a career choice.

What was the meaningful difference?

Our development of a new identity and the creation of a compelling video series supported the University of Surrey in celebrating its 40th anniversary in nursing. The campaign promoted nursing as a career choice and solidified the university’s reputation as a trusted provider of nursing education. By delving into the history and evolution of nursing, the campaign fostered awareness and empathy, helping prospective and current students appreciate the profound impact of nursing as a career.