University of Surrey

Project: Surrey Showcase

Creating a vibrant identity for the Surrey Showcase

The Surrey Showcase had evolved significantly since its inception, becoming an annual platform recognising and highlighting the achievements and stories of the institution over the previous year. To elevate the impact of the Showcase and reach a wider audience, a fresh and all-encompassing identity was essential.

The goal was to create an identity for Surrey Showcase, that would help to increase awareness and engagement among staff, students, local VIPs, philanthropists, donors, and university partners who all play a critical role in shaping the University’s success.

We developed an umbrella concept for the annual Surrey Showcase event, with the flexibility to incorporate a new theme each year, while maintaining its own identity. For the first year, the fundraising campaign “The Future Says Surrey” provided the theme, with four pillars of Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Health and Students.
To create a vibrant and exciting identity for the Surrey Showcase, we avoided a “corporate” look and feel and instead created a visual identity that would make people want to sign up for the event. The identity needed to reflect the event’s exciting and inspiring nature and include the event name “Surrey Showcase”.

The visual identity was applied across multiple channels, including signage, email, social media, web, and other digital assets, ensuring consistency, and maximizing the impact of the event.

What was the meaningful difference?

The new visual identity and overarching concept for the Surrey Showcase event successfully captured the excitement and inspiration of the event, creating a vibrant identity that made people want to sign up and attend the events.