University of Surrey

Project: Proud to Be Campaign

Creating a sense of excitement and pride

As the world grappled with the aftermath of the pandemic, one institution was determined to bring back the spirit of hope and excitement. The University of Surrey came to us looking for an inspiring campaign to welcome back its students and staff for the new academic term.

After a tumultuous year of lockdowns and remote learning, the University of Surrey was bursting with pride and enthusiasm to have everyone back on campus. The creative campaign, which was rolled out across social media, web and outdoor, featured images of the vibrant people of the university.

The campaign’s message was clear: the University of Surrey is more than just a place to study or work. It is a community of passionate, driven individuals who have come together to create somewhere truly special. From the groundbreaking research projects to the lively student societies, the university is a hub of creativity and innovation that inspires everyone who is a part of it.┬áThe campaign was not just about welcoming people back to campus, but also reigniting the spark of excitement and optimism that had been dimmed by the pandemic.

What was the meaningful difference?

The campaign brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm and pride to staff and students, that could be felt across the university campus. It created a shared sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging, which was crucial after times of uncertainty and change. The campaign instilled a sense of pride, hope, and optimism in the hearts of all those who were proud to be part of the university community.